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"Your health is so much more than just chicken and


2020 Marks 10 years in business. 

Thank You Billings!

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I'm so glad you found me!

My name is Rebecca Douglas. I'm 52 and I've been in the fitness and nutrition world for about 12 years, passionately coaching women how to be strong in mind and body.  I get really frustrated when I see a 20something on social media trying to tell a 50 year old woman what it takes to be healthy. They have no freaking idea. The stresses! The family life! And the hormones! 

I've battled the status quo of the diet industry messaging of "calories in calories out" and "no pain no gain", for years.

There is so much more to your health and wellness than counting calories and torturous workouts.

I believe it's time we start doing things differently.

Here's what I'm all about...
Sitting on big granite rocks, the smell of lightning in the air, rehabbing recipes, coaching women to find their inner strength and voice, writing/sharing my personal growth experiences, functional movement, eating, seeing my clients cry when they have their big  "a-ha" moments and finding the light in all things.


Wellness Consult

A one time 60 minute consult to get you on track. Perfect if you have your wellness handled...mostly.

Health Coaching

Ongoing monthly coaching, customized to where you want your health, wellness and fitness to be.

Group coaching

On going monthly health coaching in a small group setting


Meal Plans

More than just another meal plan; these plans are customized to your specific needs - digestive health, allergies, inflammation, high cholesterol, diabetes and much more.

Healthy Diet

There is a power and strength in knowing when it's time to start doing things differently.  Being a part of the majority is not always the better way for those who are true to themselves." ~rebecca~

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