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It's hard to know where to start, who to trust and what products you need (and don't). This is a list of the products and people that I use and trust for my own wellness. I don't recommend anything or anyone that I have not used personally.  They may or may not work for you, but I'll do my best in explaining the "why" behind my recommendations.

(full disclosure-I do not recommend products for the purpose of making money, yet for some products I do use an affiliate link.)

Energy Healing
Melissa Scianna

Using Plant Medicine to soothe and heal, Reiki to move energy through your Chakras, and Grounding Footwork to improve health in your entire body, Melissa works with the healing Mother Earth energy to restore your health.

I've known Melissa for years and have been depending on her knowledge to keep me and my clients in balance. 

Visit her website to learn more and make your appointment.



Hands down, the cleanest and highest quality wellness products on the market. From vitamins to protein powders to beauty and fitness, Isagenix can be trusted to be 100% about your health and wellness.

Explore their site for all your needs. Feel free to ask me for specific recommendations. I personally use the plant based proteins, collagen and vitamins.

Angel translations
Danielle Egnew

Psychic, Angel Translator, Science Geek

Named Psychic of the Year, Danielle is internationally renowned for her litany of layered spiritual talents.  She is known to help people find their path and purpose when the overwhelm of life blocks their clarity. Her natural gifts and talents allow her to speak with your guides and angels who have the direct "in" to your life path. 



OK, so a little shameless self promotion.

My first career for nearly 30 years was (still is) photography. Light is a thing for me.  I see it in all things and when I can, I capture it. People or the wild things, they feed my soul. 

Have a portrait idea or see a print you want? You can contact me HERE

"From Newborn wrinkles to Character Lines." Check out my full portfolio here.

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